How to Perform Yoga Poses for Weight Loss with Precautions

Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

How to Perform Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

A Warrior

  • In this yoga pose, you have to stretch your legs way apart and bring yours both hands higher than your head and stretch them. Slightly bend your knee while stretching your abdominal muscles as maximum as you can.


  • This pose of yoga needs a lot of stamina. You have to make chair pose within the air. You may feel pain in your legs while doing for the first time, later it becomes comfortable for you when you practice it regularly.


  • In this pose of yoga, you have to sit on a mat and stretch your legs. Your knees should be I a pull position, thighs ought to be tight and your toes should be pointed. Now try to raise your feet from the ground and make a 45-degree angle. This pose will surely reduce your belly fat.


  • All you need is to lie on your back and bend your knees while feet should touch the ground. Place your hands on the ground surface, while palms ought to be straight. Lift your hips to the ground surface and try to balance your hands and feet at the same time.


  • This is the easiest pose in yoga for weight loss. You have to sit straight; your knees ought to be bend and join your both feet and soles together just like facing each other. Then press the soles along and keep in this pose for at least one minute.


  • The Crescent Moon is a lurching yoga-with-weights practice that requires parity and focus. It works your bum, thighs, hips, and quads. The activity can be troublesome at first since it requires fixation and muscle quality, however, stay with it; you will enhance after some time.


  • The opposite board drift assembles quality and strength through the abs, especially the lower abs. This activity likewise assembles quality and strength all through the whole shoulder. Sit on the floor with your legs straight. Fix your abs and push your hands straight down into the floor.


  • Locust pose is a back curve, or spine stretch, using the quality of the upper and center back to lift the heaviness of the legs as high as could be allowed from a beginning position while face down on the floor. It enhances adaptability and coordination and expands quality and stamina. It practices the spine.


  • Triangle pose is a two sections performance, confronting left, and after that facing right. The professional starts remaining with the feet one leg-length separated, knees unbent, turns the right foot totally to the outside and the left foot under 45 degrees to within, keeping the heels on the hips.

Downward Facing Dog

  • The preliminary position is with the hands and knees on the floor, hands under the shoulders, fingers spread wide, knees under the hips and commonly around seven inches (17 cm) separated, with the spine rectified and relaxed. On a profound breathe out, you need to push the hips toward the roof, the body framing a transformed V-shape. The back is honest with the front ribs tucked in. The legs are candid with the heels coming to the floor.

Side Plank 

  • Sideboard stance is active arms equalization; it obliges you to stay quiet and centered. The word suggests the profound happiness that those on the yogic way can accomplish.
  • It reinforces of your wrists, lower arms, shoulders, and spine. It expands adaptability in the wrists and the full variety additionally opens the hips and hamstrings.

Extended Hand-To-Big-Toe 

  • Extended Hand-To-Big-Toe Pose is a transitional yoga pose that extends the backs of your legs. This pose is an incredible preliminary stance for more profound hamstring extends, for example, Standing Split and Monkey Pose. It fortifies and extends the legs and lower legs. It profoundly extends the hamstrings, while tenderly opening the hips, bears, and arms.

Precautions for Yoga Poses

You can get maximum health benefits if executed yoga poses wisely.

Call Your Doctor and Yoga Expert

  • If you have got a medical condition, inform your doctor and yoga trainer before the commencement of the coaching of yoga. It will facilitate the trainer customize your yoga posture.

Comfortable Clothes

  • Wearing comfortable clothes while you started practicing yoga in your yoga class or at home.

Keep Your Stomach Light

  • Lighten your stomach, the more you feel easy while performing poses in yoga. The heavy stomach may cause some health problem especially increasing heart rate. Keep yourself light it is advisable by yoga expert. You have to practice yoga at least after the interval of 2-3hours.

Following Tradition

  • This is best to start out learning the yoga in a guidance of professional yoga trainer who may lead you through the right way of doing every yoga technique.

Smile when practicing yoga

  • A smile takes the breath away and can make you feel light while performing poses. It will also relax your body, breath, and mind.

Keep your yoga slow and calm

  • Do only you can comfortably afford and then simply stretch slightly more just to improve the flexibility of your body. Utilize your breath as a point of reference.

The all above-mentioned yoga poses are convenient for getting rid of a stubborn fat around your belly, waist, and thighs areas. The only thing, you have to learn how to perform these yoga poses for getting maximum health benefits.


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