Which Ab Workout Routines You Need To Perform For Shredded Abs

Ab Workout Routines

Ab Workout Routines for Shredded Abs

Numerous people are very eager to have a ripped abdominal section (also commonly known as “six-pack abs”). They do rigorous exercises that end up being frustrating because it doesn’t deliver them expected results. But this is not due to lack of dedication or effort on your part. Actually, the majority of them like to train hard for all abdomen muscles at once but this technique is flawless. You should differentiate either you are training for upper ab, middle ab or lower ab. All you need is the proper guidance and instructions, and you are on your way to achieving your desired goal. As a general healthy reminder, it is always best to refer to your health care provider or medical practitioner or even your friendly gym trainer in the neighborhood before attempting to begin any ab workouts routines.

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Ab Workout Routines

Basically, there are three different plans, which are particularly designed for beginners (start-up), intermediate and advanced level. Ab workout routines vary according to the exercise intensity and times duration. It is more convenient to start any workout routine from beginners’ level rather jump up for an intermediate or advanced level.

Ab Workouts for Beginners

The beginner ab workout routines are suitable for the person who never sticks to these particular exercises before. This workout sets an essential foundation for the next two levels. At this level, you will be able to activate your particular muscles and makes them ready for the next two levels.

Exercises                               25 Minutes
Sitting Tall Leg Extension & Balance30 Seconds
Basic Floor Crunches15 Reps
Dorsal Raises15 Reps
Alternate Leg Lowers3*4 Each Leg
Floor Bridge30 Seconds

Intermediate Ab Workouts

After spending, at least, four weeks at your beginner level, you can move to the intermediate level that becomes a challenging task because if you look at the time duration, number of exercises and intensity of exercises, all are increased. Now, your muscles have to work hard more to perform all the exercises according to intensity level and duration.

Exercises                            35 Minutes
Hip Hitches10 – 15 Hip Circles
Leg Extension & Balance 30 Seconds
Basic Floors Crunches15 Reps
Fitball Crunches15 Reps
Alternate Leg Lowers3*4 Each Leg
Floor Bridge30 Seconds
Basic Plank Holds45 Seconds
Twisting Crunches15 Reps
Supermans15 Reps

Advanced Ab Workouts

When it comes to advanced ab workout routines then it means you have to exercise like professionals. This level is the most challenging task but also the most productive phase of your training. Yes, it is true because you can see all the transformations once you complete it. I assure you, once you dedicate your 45 minutes on advanced ab workouts plan you will see the dramatic changes in your stomach region.

Exercises                         45 Minutes
Leg Extension & Balance30 Seconds
Fitball Crunches15 Reps
Fitball Dorsal Raises15 Reps
Alternate Leg4*8 Each Leg
Reverse Plank60 Seconds
Side Plank Hold45 Seconds
Reverse Curnches20 Reps