How to Perform HIIT Workout Routines for Idle Weight Loss

HIIT Workout Routines

Perform HIIT Workout Routines

HIIT workout routines are only for those who are somewhat advanced in their aerobic capacity. It can be something to aspire for and is great for weight loss. This type of exercise involves a shorter workout with bouts of high-energy intervals where you give it you are all. These exercises usually take less than half an hour to complete but give a worthwhile output. It is challenging and isn’t for amateurs or those who are just starting to exercise. It is, however, great for weight loss. High-intensity interval training is proven to burn excess fat in 20 minutes than regular cardio. It also targets abdominal fat, which is the most dangerous and unsightly fat to have.

Low-Intensity Cardio Workouts

There are other benefits to low-intensity cardio. These exercises have been proven to aid in mental health as well. “I’m not crazy!” you say. Well, I don’t mean to offend but we all have some chemical imbalance in the brain. It comes from the environment that we live in – the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the products that we use. A long, steady cardio workout releases endorphins to the brain that help us feel better. These endorphins have sort of a stimulating effect on us – giving us more energy and a more positive outlook. It also helps relieve stress.

Good examples of a slow and steady cardio would be jogging, hiking, biking, and treadmill, elliptical, dancing, or skating. The important thing is that you have endurance throughout the exercises to keep a steady pace. This type of exercise would be good for anyone who has heart problems, joint problems, anyone suffering from moderate depression, and anyone who just simply enjoys the simplicity.