Fasting Diet Secrets That Will Keep You Fit Throughout The Day

Fasting Diet Secrets

Fasting Diet Secrets

Skip “white” food

  • White food is sometimes poisonous for your well maintained and healthy body. Avoid eating white rice, replace them with brown rice, have brown bread instead of white bread. Food items made from whole grains and other whole products i.e. whole wheat, the organic brown rice helps you to stay healthy during the holy month of Ramadan. Skip white flour food in sahri and switch to whole wheat. Add yogurt in sahri, it will hydrate your body as well as maintain it.

Avoid oily food

  • Oily and the massive food is the cause of burning, acidity, inactivity and weight increase in Ramadan. Have nutritional sahri that gives energy for a long summer day fast and avoids oily and fried food after iftaar. Switch to olive oil that is healthy and less fattening.

Add fruits and vegetables

  • Eating organic is always a way towards a healthier lifestyle. Add fresh fruits and vegetables in sahri and iftaar. They will keep you fresh and help in losing weight. Add salads and fresh fruit juices to your iftaar meals instead of fizzy drinks.

Add protein

  • Add protein in your diet chart. It will balance your diet. Including chicken fish and other meat products will give you complete nourishment and energy. Have light protein meals in iftaari.

Losing weight in this holy month is not that difficult. Keeping yourself away from certain things will help you to lose your weight and stay healthy. Self-control is the most important thing to start a diet. Sahri should not be skipped, it’s a must to have. Eat healthily and fulfilling food in sahri that can give you energy for long hours. Avoid having oily food in sahri, it will cause burning, increase your thirst and of course, weight too. A balanced iftaar will make you feel light and active. These fasting diet secrets will ultimately keep you healthy, active, energetic and help in maintaining body weight.