Easy Ways of Losing Belly Fat Quickly after Pregnancy

Have you just put to bed and looking for some of the easy ways of losing belly fat quickly after pregnancy? This has actually proven to be a very serious problem for most women and it can be really frustrating and embarrassing. This is because sometimes the fat around your belly is even looking as if you’re still pregnant while you’re not.

As a woman, you need to go about your normal life like putting on those tight jeans, looking sexy and attractive again which you may be missing for now. Even though it has been recommended that you can do some exercises to change things, the question still remains, what are the best possible exercises to do? Just check them out for the best results.

What to Understand for Losing Belly Fat after Pregnancy

Having belly fat is the most awkward situation for women which they have to face after pregnancy. It is a common experience that women gain weight during pregnancy but still, most of the women get panic after giving birth because they want to get their body shapes back as soon as possible and want to look slim and attractive like before. But keep in mind; it is a natural thing that women start reducing their weight after pregnancy within a few weeks.

Women should shape up the best approach for losing belly fat after pregnancy. This approach focuses on these following points

  • How to follow a calories deficit plan?
  • How much is it safe to reduce post pregnancy weight?
  • Get professional advice for losing belly fat after pregnancy.
  • When do I need to think about reducing my weight after giving birth?
  • Which is the best diet for me?
  • How much time will I take to return my original weight?
  • Is Diet safe for breastfeeding?
  • What are the risks associated to lose weight after pregnancy?

5 Secrets About Pregnancy That Has Never Been Revealed Before

1- Pregnancy Weight Gain

Women body weight increases during different stages of pregnancy but If the weight increases over recommended level then it put adverse effects on women health. Right pregnancy exercises, diet plans and more importantly, your motivational level may help you to get rid of this extra weight. But, it is also necessary to gain weight during pregnancy because for your baby development, there is a need for extra calories but be careful these calories should come in the form of good nutrients. Avoid junk foods which are bulk in fat and prefer protein enrich foods.

Recommended Pregnancy Weight Gain 

BMI   Recommended Weight Gain (pounds)
30 Plus11-20
18.5 And Lower28-40

Reasons of Weight Gain after Pregnancy
“You need to weigh properly prior to pregnancy.”

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Medical syndromes
  • Lack of sleep
  • Lack of Exercises

2- Safe Decision for Pregnancy Exercises

  • It is appropriate and safe for a pregnant woman to start pregnancy exercises program for losing belly fat, every possible effort must be undertaken to ensure that her exercise regimen adheres to medically sound guidelines. At a minimum, a comprehensive exercise program includes two major developmental focuses — muscular fitness and aerobic fitness.
  • Decisions concerning the type, intensity, duration and frequency of aerobic exercise should be individualized according to each pregnant woman’s particular needs. Accordingly, the most appropriate aerobic exercise prescription is one that considers a woman’s current fitness level, the stage of her pregnancy, and her personal interests. As a starting point, the ACOG has published guidelines (refer to Table 30–1) for aerobic exercise during pregnancy and the postpartum period.

3- Purpose of Pregnancy Exercises

  • Since the primary purpose of exercising during pregnancy is to allow a woman to maintain her level of fitness by getting rid of losing belly fat and to be better able to handle the stresses involved in labor and delivery — as opposed to improving her fitness level or her athletic performance abilities — the intensity, frequency and duration of an exercise regimen for a pregnant woman is usually somewhat reduced. For example, the recommended exercise intensity level for a pregnant woman is 50% of maximal oxygen uptake, as opposed to at least 60% for her non-pregnant counterpart.

4- Aerobic Pregnancy Exercises 

  • All factors considered some exercise appears to be more suitable than others for a pregnant woman. As a general rule, the most appropriate aerobic activities are those which offer little or weak orthopedic trauma to their musculoskeletal systems, such as swimming, cycling, walking and independent step action mechanical stair-climbing. Women who involved in running programs before the advent of their current pregnancies can usually continue their running efforts. But make sure they reduce the intensity at which they run (i.e., by decreasing their running speed, by running only on level terrain and by incorporating periodic walk-run breaks into their workouts).

5- Important Facts That You Should Know About Pregnancy

  • Most women start losing their weight because of breastfeeding, but others should wait for 6 to 8 weeks while actively trying to reduce it.
  • Thinking about diet is a bad idea. Women should prefer to eat a healthy diet and avoid junk foods.
  • In normal, women takes 6 to 12 months to get the pre-pregnancy weight but post pregnancy weight also depends on how much she gained during pregnancy.
  • A safe rate of weight loss is 1 pound or half a pound per week.
  • Once weight increases after pregnancy, it needs to come down as it was before. Otherwise, they may face obesity problem later on.

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