Is Cardio Exercises Program Any Good for Extreme Weight Loss

There is no doubt about cardio fitness importance for a greater well-being as it is one the foremost component of physical fitness. People have a misconception about the cardio exercises program that only treadmill, rowing, stationary bike, stair climbing machines work better when following this program. Cardio exercises are a low-intensity activity which depends on the aerobic energy-generating process and these exercises are good to lose weight if combined with abs and strength training exercises.

One of the most substantial “roadblocks”, you will encounter when attempting to identify what type of aerobic exercise will best meet your interests and needs. It is the seemingly endless amount of misinformation that exists concerning aerobic exercise modalities. Collectively, these faulty judgments can complicate your search for the most appropriate way to exercise aerobically. Among the more common misunderstandings regarding, exercise modes are the following

  • Walking is best for cardiovascular, but the truth is different it doesn’t increase the heart rate for the majority of people.
  • The treadmill gives the same benefits as stair climbing machines.
  • All types of cycles are same and work in the same way.

Cardio Exercises Program at Gym

Once, you choose your cardio exercises, the next step how to follow your cardio exercises program according to cardiovascular zones because working in a right zone helps you in increasing your cardiovascular fitness level.

Exercise Bike 

  • Seat height should place according to the level of hip
  • Sit tall, facing forward, abdominal supporting the back
  • Maintain 70-90 rpm for intermediate and advanced, 50-70 for beginner


  • Maintain a position towards the center of the belt
  • Look straight, standing tall
  • Strike the belt with a heel to toe action
  • keep the knee soft

Rowing Machine

  • keep abdominal tight, back straight
  • keep the chain level with the middle of the body
  • Maintain 25-35 rpm intermediate or advanced 20-25 rpm for beginner

Cross Trainer

  • Standing tall, keep looking straight
  • Feet flat on the plates
  • Do not bend on machine
  • knees and elbow should remain soft
  • 60-80 for advanced or intermediate, 50-60 for beginner


  • Stand tall
  • Hip, knee, and ankles are in line
  • Step downward 6-8 inches
  • keep full body weight through the legs