5-minute Quick Ab Workout at The Bus Stop

Quick Ab Workout

Quick Ab Workout

Mountain Climber

  • Get into the climbing stance. hold your hands on the bench. Move your right leg in a diagonal direction up to maximum then repeat the same process with another leg. Repeat this move for at least 10 times each leg.

Cat PoseĀ 

  • Actually, it is a perfect move that works for all abdomen and core muscles. You can perform this pose at the start or even at the end of your workout session. Place your elbows on the bench, get into the plank position, gradually move back by keeping your back straight then move forward unless your back gets in concave shape.

Bench Crunches

  • It is very simple but very effective move. Sit on the bunch fix your feet under the bench arm. Lift yourself up until your thighs touch to your belly, look towards the sky and gradually move down. Before your back touches to the bench, you again move upward. You can give support to yourself by placing both hands under your quads.

Standing knee Raises

  • Stand straight, feet shoulder width apart. Place your both hands behind your neck. Lift your knees to the max. Don’t bend yourself. Initially, it is quite difficult to touch your knees with the elbow, but as you repeat several times, you will do that. Perform 8 to 10 repetitions each leg.


  • Put down your elbows on the bench. Get into the plank position. Actually, this position is slightly different than actual plank but still effective. You need to hold your stomach for at least 1 minute.

Might be you heard the idiom do not waste your time by beating about the bush that fits well here. You must not compromise anything when it comes to your health and fitness. It’s the opportunity which you must grab with both hands. Every time when you leave your house just make up your mind that this is the time which you must utilize up to the maximum. Giving a couple of minutes to your quick ab workout will surely trim down your belly fat and make you ripped. Find out more best ab workout routines which anyone can do at home and gym as well.